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What guys think about boobs


The booty has officially had its heyday.

But what do men think about boobs these days? Ultimately though, you will find that men, no matter their age or lifestyle, appreciate breasts of all shapes and sizes.

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Which is the way it should be. See the responses below.

13 Things Guys Secretly Want...

The worst kind of boobs are fake ones. I prefer them on the bigger side, but not huge. AD or DD is great. And I want a woman to be proud of them. In the comment section on boobs, the best comment was: The only bad boob is a moob man boob!

But I think that answer could be too general.

A woman with medium-sized, fun breasts, will beat a large-breasted woman any day. What makes breasts fun? A lot of things. I think women need to be willing to show some skin.

I like women who are comfortable with who they are.

But what do men think...

So that typically means women who are okay with their cleavage. So wear something that accomplishes that. Also, there are certain nipples that just do it for me.

There's this thing guys do...

But there are certain ones that have taken me over the edge. The breast should age as the owner ages. The nipple should not hang lower than the lowest crease of the breast.

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