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What is black crush

Black Crush is fun and...

AVS Forum articles Contests. I checked the AVS glossary but found nothing.

I see references in posts such as "Nice contrast, but the blacks were crushed. Put simply, black crush is loss of detail in dark areas of the picture.

Here's a good visual. Notice the detail in this shot, especially in the rocks and Kong's hair: Now as we start crushing blacks we are losing details in the dark areas: Here's where we take it to the extreme, really blowing out the black detail: Chris NYC is offline.

I'd been wondering about this as well. Thanks for the explanation and illustrations. Yep, with pics even I can understand what you mean! What are the possible causes for this behavior? Can this result in black crush as seen on the pictures above?

Originally Posted by Seppidane What are the possible causes for this behavior? TV - PS3 etc could cause a black crush link.

Black Crush/blending S9+

Originally Posted by Seppidane With the price of 3. But there is no such option. Thanks anyway, I appreciate your help! On a Samsung UN32J I can raise the brightness and bring out detail in the shadows of program material that displayed black crush, but on a Sanyo FW32D06F doing so on the same program content only shows a still-flat dark gray in the same shadow areas. This is obviously not a case of the program content itself already containing plugged shadows, so does this mean that a the video circuitry in a lesser-quality TV can plug the What is black crush, without remedy by raising the brightness?

I'm a latecomer to flat screen TV, just having come off an old Trinitron tube set where I rarely observed black crush. Schmye Bubbula is offline. BB code is On.

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